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Master Publisher developed Media Publisher, a specialised and capable content management system (CMS) to support your website publishing needs. The Media Publisher CMS platform can support a sophisticated digital strategy including complex authoring and aggregation tools, advertising modules, membership or subscriber management, automated newsletters, and many other features to make it easy to manage your digital publishing.

We'll migrate your existing site and add the functionality your business needs, including any templates.

We also don’t limit your use of the system in any way. At no extra cost you have full access to the full set of features and use of the system. You can confidentially operate your business the way you need.

Our platform was built by people who worked in Australia’s biggest online publishers. Call us for website strategy, custom web development and website management.

Making digital transformation happen for over 15 years.

What we offer

Custom Website Development

Our easy to use content management system (CMS) platform was built by publishers for publishers to get a fully-featured website working fast. Our library of features and automations will save you precious resources and can be customised to fit your individual digital strategy. The team who built and manage the system, are based in Australia giving you direct contact and support from our Sydney and Melbourne locations.

Subscriptions, Membership, Secure Content

Grow your business by offering exclusive subscriber or member-only content to selected audiences. Add different types or levels of membership to offer variable levels of subscriptions or membership. Visitors can sign up and register in real-time and pay via a payment gateway of your choice including Stripe, Braintree Payments and Secure Pay. Members can self-serve password resets and profile information ensuring your data is up-to-date.

Promotions & Advertising

Built-in tools make it easy to manage sitewide advertising and email promotions to engage and inform your audience. Being built into the CMS also means ad blockers won’t stop your ads showing. There are no limits on ad formats, sizes, locations or quantity. Easily group your promotions into campaigns for a comprehensive view. We can also integrate with third party ad servers.

E-Newsletters and EDMs

Save countless hours proofing and manually building emails, by automatically creating newsletters from existing content. Choose from unlimited templates compatible with major eDM platforms including Campaign Monitor, MailChimp, and Salesforce Marketing Cloud. Emails automatically add your website ads and can be set to offer time-limited access to locked content, letting you choose which content is just for subscribers.

Full Integration Options

Media Publisher CMS can integrate with industry leading platforms for analytics, social media, eDM (email) platforms, payment gateways, single sign-on and ad serving platforms, and many more. We're always adding more integrations, thanks to the open architecture of Media Publisher CMS, so it supports your business now and in the future. Our personalised approach means your website will work the way you want with the tools you need without limits.

Your designs & Agency – No limited templates

Unlike many competitors we don’t limit you to a small set of prebuilt templates that dilute your brand. We ensure that your website reflects you, by working with your designers or preferred agency to create your unique website and emails. We can also migrate your existing site to our platform if you already have the design you want, but have outgrown your existing CMS.

Collaborative & Team Workflows

Media Publisher has been optimized for distributed team work. Many processes are built in to minimise production effort and simplify managing content. Granular controls can ensure staff have access to the sections they need where updates can be safely made. Automatic archiving of content and an audit trail will ensure you know what changed and when.

Efficient Processes

The Media Publisher CMS was designed for efficient high-volume production. Articles can be grouped into editions and published in one click, that automatically rotate home page content, display articles in specific locations, create newsletters, and make it easy to apply paywalls, comments, advertising and many other special features. Many built-in features mean you don’t need to build them or use risky plugins to manage your site.

Secure, Fully hosted, Protected

The Media Publisher CMS platform is fully hosted in Australia, using one of the global leaders in cloud infrastructure. We continually and independently monitor for any new and emerging security risks to ensure you and your clients are safe. Best practice backups, independent development environments and uptime monitoring ensure we are protecting your site 24x7.


We've built content publishing websites for a variety of companies, organisations and NGOs in Melbourne and around Australia. Below are a few samples of our work. Want to see of our website development? Let's chat over coffee and see more.
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What our clients say about us

After publishing our weekly newsletter for seven years on a Wordpress website, we wanted a fresh design with more flexibility than standard plugins. Our audience was also growing rapidly and we were paying more each month to upgrade our servers. Master Publisher provided a solution for both. Unlike some support services which rely on overseas personnel, Christian and James are locals and are responsive and available. It has settled into a reliable, attractive website where we still make changes as required.

Graham Hand, Editor-at-Large, Firstlinks

What our clients say about us

It has been an exceptionally rewarding experience working with Christian and James on creating the Confidentially Speaking online negotiation service. They took my ideas and using IT magic created an online Hub for clients that I could never have conceived of on my own, let alone dream was possible. In addition they are wonderful to work with, always ready to listen, explore different alternatives and hold your hand through the process. A dream team!

Elise Margow: CEO and Founder Confidentially Speaking

What our clients say about us

With little to no knowledge of digital I went to the team at Master Publisher. They transformed my old site into a world class gateway that more importantly has tripled the number of unique views. I felt confident I was good hands and overall it was a great and more importantly effortless experience.

John Connolly, Partner, John Connolly & Partners