Website Design

At Master Publisher, we know website design is more than the look and feel of your brand. This is especially true for online organisations, where it's your engagement with customers and subscribers. That's why our proprietary Content Management System (CMS) has just enough features to meet your needs, but simple enough to let you get on with the content.

A Content Management System, or CMS for short, is the interface that makes it possible for you to add content to your website without needing to know any code. While there are many CMS platforms, with an enormous range of features and prices, they generally make adding content to your site as easy as using Microsoft Word. That's much better than years learning to code just to publish a blog post.

Finding a CMS that fits your needs can be confusing with so many options available. You may start out with a low-cost or free CMS, but as your business grows you may need more features and, if you don't know how to yourself, maintenance and updates can get expensive for something that's meant to be free.

On the other end of the scale, enterprise CMS platforms can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars to build and need specialised staff to publish simple blog posts, and still struggle to customise the web design to your organisation.

At Master Publisher, we looked at these and drew on our web development experiences working with some of Australia's top publishers to build a proprietary CMS designed for corporate publishers and member organisations.

From magazines, newspapers, journals, newsletters, blogs, press and investor centres, member communications, you’ll find our CMS ready for the job.

You'll find all the elements that you've come to expect for well-designed and engaging digital publications:

  • Media-rich articles organised into editions, sections, sub-sections, departments, and columns.
  • Articles designated as feature stories, lead stories, breaking news or presented in your chosen position and order.
  • Pictures showcased in galleries and slideshows.

And because the Master Publisher CMS is proprietary, we'll work with you to get your web design into production--with exactly your organisation's visual brand. All you'll need to do is manage your content and publish it as often as you like.

Quickly and easily format your content into an email newsletter for your subscribers--without needing to code. The Master Publisher website design team custom builds HTML and text templates, matching your brand and requirements. Simply select the articles you want included, add an optional message, choose a pre-formatted template and copy the link to your third-party email marketing tool.

Ensure your editions and articles are only seen by who should see them with subscription management built into the web design.

Entire editions and individual articles can be made publically available or secured for subscriber-only access. And making it easier for you, your subscribers access their account details, update their contact information, change their login credentials and renew their subscriptions online, at any time. Renewal payments can even be processed automatically. So whether your publication is for paid subscribers, or simply “members only”, you are in control.

  • 100% cloud-based needing no complex hardware, software or technical know-how
  • Full responsive across desktop, mobile and tablet
  • Integrated social sharing
  • Secure self-service member subscription management
  • SEO-optimised
  • Historical 99.9% uptime
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Built on Microsoft .NET technology