Website Development

At Master Publisher, we see publishing is undergoing a relentless digital transformation. Our job is to provide a digital publishing platform, giving your business the tools and expertise necessary to capitalise on this transformation.

We operate as your website development and digital team ensuring your digital platform supports your business strategy and goals. That includes working with you through the delivery and support cycle of your site, and, unlike many agencies, we remain as support partners continuing to develop your business and to support day-to-day needs.

CountPlus (ASX:CUP)

When CountPlus acquired Count Financial from CBA in 2019, they had a mammoth task. They needed to quickly migrate two websites from their enterprise CMS to one they could control and manage; all while ensuring years of content and SEO rankings were maintained with minimal user interruptions.

Master Publisher joined with project team members from the CBA Technology teams and Grant Thornton Advisory on the migration, ensuring all content, including highly valuable licensee content, was retained. The project involved web development for two websites and migrating hundreds of user accounts. Existing functionality was retained and the Master Publisher platform offered significant enhancements, making things easier for the CountPlus team.

Master Publisher also developed an intranet for CountPlus' member firms and a self-service membership hub where members securely share news, company policies, announcements, comments and features that help to share information with the rest of the business including staff details, organsational charts, and firm specialisations.

Matthew Rowe, CEO of CountPlus said:

Master Publisher are subject matter experts and worked with our team to deliver a great outcome for CountPlus. They are agile and responsive and we have benefited from their ability to work quickly and overcome obstacles to support our digital platform. In all our dealings they delivered on what they promised, and I highly recommend them.

Atrium Investment Management

Atrium Investment Management were looking to improve the delivery of product and performance information to their advisers. They had outgrown their previous website and already identified what features were needed to best support their advisors. They needed a website with a comprehensive, easy-to-use system for their advisers to collect recent product information, announcements, news, events and also have a place to share knowledge and engage with their peers/community.

The Master Publisher team created a site with new web design for the product profile pages, freshening the look while protecting the site with a secure, reliable backend. Staff and member profiles were migrated seamlessly with no downtime or inconvenience.

With this new website on the Master Publisher CMS, the Atrium team are self-sufficient, managing all aspects of both the site and content, giving them greater flexibility and ensuring they deliver timely information to their members.


The Firstlinks team knew they had to upgrade their CMS to support their growing subscriber list. The free open-source CMS they launched with wasn't supporting their growth or have the features the team needed to best support readers. Also, the server load and costs were increasing each month.

Master Publisher took a full web development approach. The migration to the new CMS and server involved thousands of articles, each with images and assets; efforts were made to minimise any SEO impacts.

Graham Hand, Firstlinks Managing Editor says:

After publishing our weekly newsletter for seven years on a Wordpress website, we wanted a fresh design with more flexibility than standard plugins. Our audience was also growing rapidly and we were paying more each month to upgrade our servers. Master Publisher provided a solution for both. Unlike some support services which rely on overseas personnel, Christian and James are locals and are responsive and available. It was not a perfect transition as we initially lost some search volume, but it has settled into a highly-reliable, attractive website where we still make changes as required. Our audience is now at record levels.

Firstlinks was later acquired by Morningstar, who retained the Master Publisher CMS for the website ongoing.

Banking Day

Over the last decade, Banking Day has become a trusted, premium news source for the Australian banking industry through its daily email newsletter. The site has more than 30,000 articles from this period, which was a major concern when their CMS developers decided to close his business and Banking Day had to find a new host.

In this project, the Master Publisher team migrated the large archive from the old CMS, maintaining the original URLs. Thousands of subscriber accounts were also migrated and corporate subscribers gained added self-service functionality and can now manage their staff access to content. Efficient email newsletter production was a "must-have" request by the remote team. Now the daily email is automatically generated from the CMS with single-click URLs to the articles, letting email subscribers get straight to the article without logging in.

Ian Rogers, Banking Day Publisher, says:

Banking Day selected Master Publisher as its new publishing platform in early 2020, and my word, the Master Publisher team, Christian and James have been wonderful to work with. Master Publisher is adaptable and Banking Day masthead has really lifted since we made the switch

Melbourne Press Club

The Melbourne Press Club realised the importance of ongoing web development support when staff changes meant they couldn't update their website to promote their events, impacting registrations.

Now the new website, developed by Master Publisher, is fully supported and future-proofed for any other staffing changes. The team took advantage of the migration to add features, like automated membership renewals and online membership applications. A data-first approach was used, with website analytics deciding which features were added and areas highlighted.

Mark Baker CEO at the time said:

The team at Master Publisher have done an outstanding job designing, engineering and delivering state-of-art websites for the Melbourne Press Club and the Australian Media Hall of Fame. They are skilled, creative and a pleasure to deal with. Our wonderful new websites are proof of their professionalism and attention to detail.

Jesuit Communications

Jesuit Communications has evolved their digital strategy with the increasing importance of digital publications, technologies and their members' expectations. Their flagship publications, Eureka Street and Australian Catholics, are among Australia’s most visited religious and social justice websites, and Master Publisher is proud to partner with them for the journey.

Recently, Jesuit Communications chose Master Publisher as their web development partner restructuring the Australian Catholics website, ensuring teachers and religious education members have the resources they require.

Australia Post

Time is of the essence when you're one of Australia's largest government enterprises. That's the problem the Australia Post media team encountered with their old website. Vendor support was needed for simple post updates, which delayed getting news articles and stamp announcements to their audience of journalists and media outlets.

Master Publisher worked with Australia Post to develop an entirely new newsroom website with the Master Publisher CMS and visually seamless from the main Australia Post website. Strict brand guidelines were applied and years of content was migrated. Moving to the Master Publisher CMS added functionality and now automatically generates a newsletter alert eDM. Perfect for getting into journalist's inboxes.

The Australia Post media team can now manage embargoed media releases better by having control of the update process, and updates are completed in-house saving hours and money each year.

Master Publisher has built content publishing websites for a variety of companies, organisations and NGOs in Melbourne and around Australia. We've been making digital transformation happen for over 15 years.

We believe in taking care of the technology so that you can focus on the content.